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Specialized Services & Technologies

At STEP, we pride ourselves in offering specialized treatment techniques for a variety of conditions. We also have in-clinic access to specialized equipment for your rehabilitation needs. The combination of our knowledge, experience, treatment techniques and specialized equipment provides you the best possible chance at recovery.

Specialized treatment:

1) MS-Certified Specialists on staff
2) LSVT BIG Certified (for people with Parkinson’s Disease)
3) Trigger Point/Functional Dry Needling
4) Lymphedema management
5) Manual Therapy
6) Myofascial Release
7) Corrective Exercise
8) Modalities

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Utilizing its precise unweighting technology, the AlterG allows you to rehabilitate your injury or condition in a way not possible with other treadmills. Whether you require gait retraining resulting from a neurological condition or an athlete trying to get back on the field, the AlterG can be a game changer. It works by reducing gravity’s impact on your body, offloading between 0-80% of your body weight!!

AlterG video:

Pneumex Body-Weight Support Harness Treadmills

Another form of body-weight support walking that utilizes a harness to offload your body in order to improve your gait and balance, reduce pain or decompress your spine. It enhances your ability to achieve proper gait mechanics and retrain your body to move with more freedom and control. Through the harness support, it also allows for decompression of the spinal column, thereby reducing back pain and potential nerve impingement (i.e. sciatica).

Biodex Balance Platform

Balance, stabilization, postural control, weight bearing, sensory integration, fall risk screening, motor control… the Biodex can address a number of different training components all in one machine! It provides real-time feedback and objective data to track progress and provide results about performance. From MS to concussion to athletics, the Biodex is able to help recover stability and control following disease or injury.


“I went to STEP after having a double knee replacement in Feb 2014. I can heartily recommend STEP! It wasn’t long after I finished therapy that I was once again able to go on 20 mile plus bike rides with my husband. My knees are … Read More
Candy S. North Oaks, MN

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