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Trigger Point/Functional Dry Needling

AKA Intramuscular Manual Therapy

Dan was one of the first practitioners in the state of MN to perform trigger point/functional dry needling (FDN). He was trained and certified through Kinetacore, one of the leading physical therapy and dry needling education companies in the country. He immediately started incorporating this specialized treatment approach into his therapy and quickly discovered the benefit!


What is Functional Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique used to treat neuro-musculoskeletal systems based on pain patterns, muscular dysfunction and other orthopedic signs and symptoms. It involves the use of thin filament needles inserted into “trigger points,” or hyperirritable parts of muscle, as well as areas of tightness or pain, hypersensitive areas, or along typical pain referral patterns. No substance is injected, hence the term dry needling.

The overall goal for performing dry needling is to not only reduce pain or symptoms, but also to encourage normalized movement. The process of deactivating a trigger point or releasing a shortened muscle often leads to changes in functional movement. If properly applied, pain should subside and corrective movements are restored.

Potential Benefits:
Reduction in…
Tightness & tension
Improvement in…
Neuromuscular function
Promote healing

dry-needle-locationsHow does it work?

Disease and injury have the potential to alter the way your body functions, from the brain to the nerves to the muscles, and even down to the muscle fiber. These changes often lead to pain, headache, tightness, spasm, sensory disturbance, weakness and sensitivity. By inserting a needle into associated areas based upon assessment, it often helps to normalize how our body moves and functions. This can be accomplished through various mechanisms such as: releasing “trigger points,” reducing nerve compression or irritation, loosening muscles, reducing inflammatory and pain-producing chemicals, and desensitizing the nervous system.

What it is not…

Acupuncture… Dry needling and acupuncture both depend on physical examination and assessment to guide treatment, but techniques, procedures and underlying philosophy differ between the two techniques. Location, depth, technique and expected outcomes may vary between the two treatment strategies.

Dan offers free consultations to learn more about dry needling, discuss treatment options and to determine if it appropriate for you. Please call him at (651) 766-0080 to schedule your consultation!

Terry Bradshaw on dry needling and Kinetacore:

“The addition of dry needling into my treatment plan has led to astounding results for many of my patients! It has the potential to be a complete game changer!” – Dan

For more information about trigger point/functional dry needling, please take a look at Kinetacore:

*Note: Not all services related to dry needling may be covered by your insurance

“Since I have been using the treadmill I have gone from shuffling my feet and not being able to walk for long times to walking normally and longer without tiring out.”
Nancy T. Marine, MN

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